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Friday, July 24, 2009

MPR error in Instant Runoff Voting story - North Carolina info WRONG

In story about instant runoff voting, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) cites Minnesota Secretary of State Ritchie as saying that 10 cities in North Carolina are experimenting with IRV. That just isn't true. There were 2 volunteer cities/towns in 2007, now there is only 1 volunteer in 2009. The citation is not a direct quote, but attributes statements or ideas to the honorable SOS Ritchie.

Ritchie watching IRV in Minneapolis, other states July 22, 2009 ...Ritchie said he's been watching how IRV is being used in other states. He said North Carolina is experimenting with ranked choice voting in 10 cities of different sizes and different demographics.

There is only one town in North Carolina experimenting with IRV in 2009, the little town of Hendersonville. IRV is retreating in North Carolina, not expanding, and other jurisdictions are considering abandoning the method as well. And THAT is the real story. More on this here

*****UPDATE**** at 6:46 PM eastern, the reporter emailed me to advise the article has been corrected in the web article. We hope that for future stories on IRV, at least pertaining to North Carolina, that MPR or any other media will contact the NC Coalition for Verified Voting, the NC State Board of Elections, or perhaps candidates who have participated in the IRV elections for information.