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Monday, December 7, 2009

Rebutting Rob Richie misinfo: why evoting activists oppose instant runoff voting

Instant Runoff Voting promoter Rob Richie often posts messages on the internet misrepresenting my positions regarding IRV and election integrity. Hard to believe he is a director of a well funded national organization. Since I have a long history of voting activism, it is important to clear up any such misrepresentations.

Here's an excerpt typical of one of Rob Richie's misleading and also insulting comments posted to a news article:
Joyce McCloy (the first comment posted) is the anti-IRV Captain Abab (sp)of the internet seas, relentlessly sharing bits of information that support her views while ignoring the rest. She's driven by her mistaken fear that somehow IRV will lead to touchscreens in her home state of NC even though that's not the case.

So, for all of that, Rob, here's a shot across your bow:

Joyce McCloy here. Since Rob Richie has misrepresented my position, let me clear it up.

Here's my view on how IRV is a threat to democracy, posted on the home page of my website:

"IRV violates core principles of election integrity, whether using optical scan voting systems or Direct Record/Touchscreen machines. IRV increases reliance on more complex technology, making audits and recounts more prohibitive, further eroding election transparency. Because IRV is not additive, no matter what voting system is used, the ballots, (electronic or optical scan) have to be hauled away from where they are cast to a central location to be counted. This increases the chance of fraud or lost votes. The tallying software utilizes a complex algorithm that makes the process even more opaque."

I'm not alone. Liberal Blogger Brad Friedman calls Instant runoff voting a Virus. On his blog he says: Instant Runoff Voting "Joins 'Internet Voting' and 'Vote-by-Mail' schemes as the latest bad ideas poised to further cripple American democracy"

My organization worked to get a paper ballot law passed, improved election audits, and eliminated the "no match no vote" rule that was blocking eligable voters from casting ballots. I also won the NC ACLU 2006 award. We continue to work to protect and increase the voter franchise.

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