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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

St Paul Pro instant runoff voting group gets $5,000 fine for lying to public: dirty deeds, done dirt cheap

St Paul Better Ballot Campaign for instant runoff voting caught red handed. Three judges ruled against St Paul Better Ballot campaign on every single point, and then fined the maximum, a slap on the wrist of $5,000. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap, that's them.
Judges rule: St Paul IRV group made knowingly false claims - $5K fine
St Paul pro instant runoff voting group showed a pattern of deliberate lying. So the pro instant runoff voting group with a name St Paul Better Ballot Campaign might more accurately be called "St Paul Deliberately Deceptive Campaign". Three judges say - the deception was deliberate, the perpetrators unashamed!....

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Isn't St Paul Better Ballots' idea of election reform just as twisted as their idea of an honest election campaign? Of course, some of the pro IRVers are already saying this isn't really a crime, just a technicality. We and the three judges just misunderstand.. Riiiiiiight.

Cheating is worth it to win for the mere price of a $5,000 fine.

New motto for IRV campaigns: "Just trust us, we'll tell you who won."

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