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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Burlington voters voted to ditch IRV today. The measure to repeal instant runoff voting won by a healthy 4% margin. This is a case of a David verses Goliath, grassroots activism verses well funded out of state interests. Congratulations to the grassroots activists.

Sandy Baird on @Ch_17 re: IRV. "I'm perfectly happy with the time tested system, and I'm perfectly happy we're back to it."

The grassroots message was "KEEP VOTING SIMPLE - VOTE YES TO REPEAL IRV" . Because one thing IRV does is make voting more complex and the results can bizarre.

Here are the election results:

Channel 17's Coverage

BURLINGTON - All Wards Reporting

5. Charter Change to Eliminate Instant Runoff Voting for Election of

YES 3972 52%
NO 3669
TOTAL 7641

Some background:

My Turn: If Bob Kiss is for IRV, I'm against it
Burlington's municipal household is in horrible disarray. The pie-in-the-sky hallucination called Burlington Telecom is turning into a shambles of misgovernment, while for all we know, plans for the Moran plant and the northern section of the waterfront may be heading in the same direction. Let the spring cleaning begin.

People will tell the politicians how we want to vote! This is a citizen initiative and we have the power.

It's a funny business I've only within the last year changed my mind about IRV. My distaste for the whole IRV process began when I was still the Ward 6 Election Clerk

Avoid a Tampering of Ballots on March 2: Vote in your Ward! Don't vote at City Hall or by Absentee! The ballots are stored at City Hall and can be opened and changed!

Burlington instant runoff voting:-If you didn't vote for Kiss or Wright, then you didn't vote??Say what? (with video) "Repeal IRV" Blog says that even the instant runoff voting experts admit some votes just don't count...

Burlington - Instant Runoff Voting Interviews (fascinating video)Voters who supported implementing IRV have changed their minds.

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