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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is an Instant Runoff Voting winner a consensus winner or a poor compromise?

With instant runoff voting, the promise is that if there is no majority winner in the first round, that IRV will pick a "compromise" winner that more voters will (sorta) like. The idea behind IRV is that if there's no majority winner in the first round that more voters will be happy if a compromise winner is elected. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? But the reality is much different.

Now, how did this guy get elected? June 10, 2007 San Francisco...So, how did it come to pass that the city's newest supervisor, Ed Jew, apparently did not even live in the Sunset District and was the choice of just 5,125 (or 26.2 percent) of voters? And the FBI is looking into what this "citizen politician" was doing with $40,000 in cash from tapioca-shop owners who had sought his help with city permits...

2 out of 3 Pierce County RCV "winners" don't have a true majority December 7, 2008 ...This is the big problem with people claiming IRV ensures a majority win in one election instead of two. if you don't have enough vote to get a majority win in the 1st column, all you are ever going to have is a larger plurality win...

Burlington Instant Runoff Election riddled with pathologies March 15, 2009 Burlington.The instant runoff election in Burlington,Vermont suffered from nearly every pathology in the book...Instant runoff voting helped Burlington incumbent Bob Kiss win by getting the most 3rd choice votes. Opponent Kurt Wright had the most 1st and 2nd choice votes but lost the election

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