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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The charm of instant runoff voting wears off

Instant runoff voting ditch list continues to grow as the reality of IRV is revealed and the pro IRV talking points discredited.

Burlington Vermont voters voted to repeal Instant Runoff Voting on March 2, 2010. A vote of no confidence for this boutique style voting.

The Burlington "repeal irv blog" said this about the decision : "Being charmed by it (IRV) ideologically is quite different from experiencing how it twists the results of an election.

Marginal mayhem- Instant runoff voting results baffle UVA students
March 3, 2010. University of Virginia students were confused by the results of recent instant runoff voting election for student body. Strangely enough, the candidate with the most 1st and 2nd choice votes lost. Even the winner of the UVA's IRV election didn't understand the results.

The list of places that have rejected instant runoff voting grows as the reality of IRV sinks in:
Aspen Colorado, Cary North Carolina, Pierce County Washington, Burlington Vermont, the Utah Republican Party and even Georgetown University. San Francisco may be next as people get fed up and even now a lawsuit has been filed.

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